Brendan Rae H.BHSc., D.C.


Manual Therapies:


This is the standard technique most commonly associated with chiropractic care.

SMT/EMT involves a controlled, low-amplitude and

high-velocity thrust which is applied to restricted joints of the body to

restore or promote proper motion and function while relieving pain. This

is what people most commonly associate with the “cracking” noise,

which is simply gas escaping from the joint to decrease pressure and

allow for improved motion.


This is a gentler approach to restoring the proper motion of restricted

joints of the body. Rather than the high-velocity thrust of SMT/EMT,

mobilizations involve gentle and gradual forces applied to the target

joints to relieve tension and pain while promoting normal joint function.


This therapy can be used to decrease pain and stiffness, while restoring

function. A force is applied to the target tissues while muscles are

lengthened, and this encourages the breakdown of scar tissue and

promotes proper healing. A lot of people have heard of, or seek out, a

therapy known as Active Release Therapy (ART®), which is a very

similar technique.


These techniques are used to treat muscles and other soft-tissues. By

applying the right pressure to the target tissues in the right directions,

muscle tension, “knots”, and trigger points can be reduced. After this

therapy, you should feel less stiffness and pain in the affected area.



These tools vibrate tissues to increase blood flow, relax tight muscles,

and reduce pain or stiffness.


The most commonly known form of IASTT is Graston®. Although I do

not use Graston® equipment, I use different tools to break down “sticky”

points and/or scar tissue in the muscles and other tissues. For people

with chronic pain who have not experienced relief from other forms of

soft-tissue therapy, IASTT is a more intense but non-invasive option to

relieve pain and stiffness.

More About Dr. Rae

Dr. Brendan Rae graduated from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in

2011 with a Bachelor of Health Sciences with Honours. During his fourth year, Dr. Rae

provided athletic training services to the Men’s varsity hockey team. In May of 2017, Dr.

Rae graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) to achieve a

Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

During his internship at CMCC, Dr. Rae worked with a diverse population who

experienced a variety of complaints effecting all areas of the body. Services include

manual therapy techniques, education, exercise prescription,

and therapeutic modalities.

Dr. Rae now lives in Collingwood after moving from his family home in Uxbridge. He

enjoys the outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, playing hockey, and cannot wait to explore

everything that Collingwood has to offer! Dr. Rae’s primary focus is on delivering optimal

patient-focused and evidence-informed care